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Teaching government how to build, buy, and borrow better technology

As a longtime public servant, I know the pain associated with outdated technology and poorly designed interfaces.

I’m a former govvie with over a decade of experience on what works and doesn’t work for bringing innovation and modern technology into government. I currently offer education and training services to federal, state, and local governments officials who want to make sense of the changing technology landscape and integrate modern best practices in your agencies.

If you are interested in working with me, either as a prime contractor or as a government official,* please grab time on my calendar.

Training and Advisory Services

Digital IT Acquisition Professional (DITAP) Digital Services Acquisition Expert Facilitator. In partnership with approved vendors, I serve as an facilitator for the training program that enables federal contracting officers to receive their “Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting Core-Plus Specialization in Digital Services (FAC-C-DS).” DITAP Trainings are available on an agency-by-agency basis, or through the “Open DITAP” program. For more information about DITAP, visit the TechFar Hub’s page about the program.

Policy reviews. As a policy drafter and as a former government executive responsible for implementing policy, I can provide expert subject-matter expertise about how your agency should design and implement modern technology policies.


I love speaking with public servants about challenges y’all are facing, and have a few prepared presentations that can help clarify some of the latest jargon you’ve been hearing from your industry partners, and help your team build confidence as your adopt modern technology practices. If you’d like me to come and speak for an hour about the topics below, or something similar, let me know!

  • No really, you’re doing it wrong: Why you need product management, design, and governance in your organization if you’re serious about modern technology.
  • #Realtalk about the Cloud: XaaS for the skeptical, confused, and busy public servant.
  • Data rights, free and open-source software, and custom code: Navigating FOSS licenses, unlimited rights in data, and the federal source code policy.
  • The 18F Agile BPA and the micro-purchase platform: Lessons learned from running two high-profile, acquisition-innovation experiments in the federal government.

*As of now, I am not registered in the federal System for Award Management and, accordingly, work exclusively as a subcontractor to provide these services. Additionally, to avoid potential conflicts of interest I do not provide advice to government entities on specific procurements or other particular matters involving specific parties.